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  • Hugo Immink

Why making the right click with clients is so important

Anyone can start a business with access to Internet today. Anyone can catapult ideas into the world that shake the system and crush establishment. Like a modern version of David and Goliath. It does not matter so much if you are the David or Goliath in your industry, or either of the two.

What matters is who you are dealing with. The client that buys your product. Enjoys your service. Builds a community. Competes with your business. Is part of the same ecosystem. Or simply works for you. Who is your client? How often do you speak with them? How do you continue to wow them? And build relationships with them that last?

This goes beyond the traditional marketing exercise. Your product are clients. Real humans. Make clients want your business. So you can stay in business for a long time. Let people love what you do.

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