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  • Hugo Immink

Don't limit the outcome. Focus on the process

You can do so much more than you can imagine on any given day. However, it is so easy to get drunk on too many looks, likes, fans and followers on social media. Hangover hits when you feel there is more to life than this. Your life in fact. Instead of panicking when you´re battery is about to die with no socket in sight, simple down time with yourself can do miracles.

Redefining Maslow or redefining yourself?

This happened to me the other day. I was in the train when I realised my battery was about to die. After the first wave of light panic I thought to myself: should ´no battery´ or ´poor reception´ go into the Maslow hierarchy these days, and at which level would it rank? My 12-year-old nephew would say at bottom level (kids these days!).

Then I realised I had brought with me a new coaching kit I had received from the very creative and bright mind behind it, a man called Pete Middleton.

To describe it in short, it is a set of cards with phrases on it that are designed to provide a trigger. And boy did they trigger. At least quite a few of them.

The first one that jumped at me was the title of this blog: Don´t limit the outcome, Focus on the process. You see I am an entrepreneur since recently. Last year it I found myself constantly thinking and wondering what my next step should be to successfully build my business. Then, over time, as my initial enthusiasm and money reserves dwindled, my thinking and wondering turned to outright worry what my next step should be to earn money.

Was I doing the right things as an entrepeneur?

The reason this card jumped me at the throat was that I did not realise I was limiting the outcome. I was so keen to know or determine what the next step should be that I completely forgot to focus on the process. Observe it, and even enjoy it.

My impatience clouded the insight that developments occur naturally. Thing is that I was clear in which direction I wanted my business to move and which wagon I had to jump on to get there. The truth is I was very obsessed over expecting an immediate outcome of my actions, which did not occur.

It turned out that over time though, these developments caused me to lift off and head steadily to cruising level (although not there yet). Since then I am not paralysing myself anymore what the exact next step should be, but trusting good things are happening and are on its way…

What limit did you pose on the outcome? How can you use this energy to focus on the process?

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