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Our world is changing. Very fast. Does change drive you or

do you drive change? 

Hi, my name is Hugo Immink

I hold a Masters Degree in Organisational & Industrial Psychology and
a second Masters Degree in Leadership and Organisational Coaching.
I have worked as an Organisational Psychologist and HR professional in different multinationals over the last 20 years. Born in the Netherlands, I speak fluent Dutch, English and Spanish and am based in Barcelona, Spain, where I have lived and worked for the past 8 years now.

Where I work

- Everyone is my client

- Bridges between people are built

- Trust is created

- Clutter is cut

- Complex is made easy

- We work.laugh.repeat

- Nothing is impossible

- Inspiring action plans are made

- Results are achieved

- The focus is on what unites us rather than divides us


What if you started thinking:
I can actually

do this...?


What if people  fully understood the value your business creates, how much more revenue would you make?


What if you fuelled yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action? 


These three values drive me on a daily basis:

people, positivity and imagination.

About us

Driving change is always 10 times better than change driving you: at least you´re in charge!

And you could always need extra help...

I drive change
The future
of Leadership

Is about how you show up.

Every single day. To yourself and

to others. I help you create

a tribe of loyal followers.

I help you make the shift from leaders doing the right things to doing things right.

The future
of Work 

Is about connecting your customers and your employees to the ´why´ of your business. If people believe what you believe, the walk in the park suddenly gets a lot easier.

I help you make the shift from customers and employees doing what you like to liking what you do.

The future
of Startups 

Startups are, in essence, already a bit our future. I help your big idea

and your team stand out in a

crowded startup marketplace.

I help you make the shift from being

seen to getting noticed.


This is what I do

Hi&Coach helps leaders how to attract and keep customers and employees who are loyal to the why of your business with the aim to drive long-lasting relationships, growth and profit.

If change drives you

it´s time to get back in the driver´s seat!

Changes drive me

This is how it works

Build and grow your business. Defining different and doing different. 

My methodology consists of 4 easy to follow steps:

Step 1:

describe where

you are now

I will take a picture of the current situation first. Then show it to you. Chances are that you don't like how you're tagged in the picture (this is not a selfie after all!).

Step 2: determine where

you want to be

Have you draw your picture of success, your desired situation (when I see CEO's sticking their tongue out in concentration when drawing, I know it's going to work). Chances are you will like this picture far more.

Step 3:

receive a roadmap 

how to get there

Together with you I will design

a roadmap to get you there. 

Step 4:

get support

And support you all along the way to ensure you will arrive where you want to be, as we know from experience success is not a straight line (if only!) and old habits die oh so hard. I know you are looking for different (better) results and I promise you just that.

How it works

Ecosystem. The opposite of egosystem.

You choose...

My Ecosystem

This is a selection of the ecosystems I am proudly part of,

collaborate and co-create great things with.

My Ecosystem
"We worked with Hugo prior to our product launch and he really helped us nail our value proposition. His ability to simplify and clarify things still amazes me, and he will persevere until you really reach
your full potential"
What clients say

Get your free

Fast Guide

to managing yourself

Get your free

Fast Guide

to ´smart up´

your startup


Shift happens!  

How can I help?

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