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  • Hugo Immink

Why the war for talent is over - there is enough for everyone!

The war for talent seems never-ending. Companies still think they have to fight for talent, like a scarce and limited resource. But the internet has created a tremendous platform for talent. And there's a lot of it. And it's on show. 24/7. 365 days a year. For everybody to watch. To experience. To participate.

Today, anyone with an Internet connection can catapult his talent into the world for it to see. Small rocks are being thrown at big windows. They are frequent. They are thrown from all directions. The big windows start to show cracks, and some even holes. Some companies get it. They stop covering their ears from the noises the small stones make against their windows. They open the windows. At least it gets no longer damaged that way. And they can have a look at what's thrown in. See that some of these stones are very precious. Brilliant and shiny, like diamonds. Something they did not consider before is throwing a whole new, different light.

Even covered under a lot of s***t, a diamond is still a diamond. And cut to perfection it wows us all. Same goes for talent, your inner diamond. Do you need to remove a few layers of s***t? Or is it already bright and shiny? What about your catapult? Are you ready to use it? When are you on show?

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