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Imagine you have to explain the concept of transformational leadership to a 12- year-old kid or your grandma. You´d probably struggle. And I don´t blame you for that. Making complex things easy is not easy. Then again, as Albert Einstein once said; If you can´t explain it simply, you don´t understand it well enough yourself. He couldn´t be more right.

Throughout my career I attended lots of training. Most of the time I left all excited and energised. But one week later I didn´t remember much of the training. And I asked myself: How come? Was the content not relevant? Did the trainer lack competence or confidence in what he was doing? Was I distracted during the course? The answer was quite simple: most of the topics did not stick. With stick I mean: the training topic had not fully addressed the question: what does it really, really mean? What does transformational leadership mean? How can you make this concept stick? For example: at some point having a purpose was a very hot topic. It was everywhere. But what did it mean? Simon Sinek made this very clear. He made purpose stick. Kudos to him.

Last year I attended a workshop on neuro-leadership. It is a topic I am really interested in. Neuro-leadership. What is your first association? What does it really mean? Even the presenters struggled to make it really concrete and practical.

So how can you make something stick? Not only because it´s fun, but to make sure you get the best bang for your training buck! That is the question I always ask myself when designing training content. And this is one of the reasons my clients like working with me. If you want to find out yourself, feel free to contact me so I can help your training or facilitation sessions stick.


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