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  • Hugo Immink

Are you busy breathing or quietly contributing? 1 minute read

When was the last time you thought: ´Hey, I like what this company is doing!´

When was the last time you thought: ´Hey, I am actually working for this company!´

Very often there is a disconnect between the first and the second thought, because you work for a company that does not exactly float your boat but pays the bills. And let´s face it, earning money is like oxygen, you need it to continue breathing. But there is much more in life and work than only breathing.

Yet in your world that is changing so fast you try to catch your breath just to keep up. Same happens to the company you work for. They are so busy breathing (making money) they forget what it is all about: what contribution are we making?

The beautiful thing here is that the moment you and the company you work for start asking this question, you will regain your breath almost instantly, in the most literal and figurative sense.

Research shows that companies with a clear and compelling purpose tick all the right boxes; happy and returning customers, engaged employees, increased revenue and long-term solid positions in any Top fortune lists.

But most companies do not put the soul before the goal line. Finding purpose is dangling at the very coffee stained bottom of the priority list. But making it a priority pays many dividends.

Ironically, the most important benefit of finding purpose is that if people believe in your cause, everything else will follow automatically. The contribution you give to others is the very reason your business sustains itself. There are plenty of examples of companies that do this very successfully; Zappos, Patagonia, Mindvalley, to name but a few.

Purpose creates a connection that provides certainty in uncertain times for anyone of us, no matter if you are a CEO of a Top 500 company, an employee or entrepreneur.

Looking to contribute is acknowledging your humanity. At the end of the day, we all depend on each other. We all need each other.

Looking to reinvent your business model to keep yourself in business? I help companies who struggle in these uncertain times find their purpose. Want to know how? Feel free to contact me at for a free consultation on finding your purpose. And find out for yourself what all the fuss and buzz is all about!

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