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  • Hugo Immink

The fuss about buzzwords - and what they really mean.

In an attention-deficit world, we are keen to copy and re-use terminologies and words from each other. Especially when they come from influential people. They ought to know better than us right? So we adopt them happily. And along the way, these words become so widely used, you almost start to forget what they were all about in the first place...

Innovation: offering (the total) new s***t in the same year, versus standstill, serving the same (smelly) s***t in a different year. Holy moly! We want the first thank you. Ecosystem: the opposite of egosystem. Co-creation: letting your e-go. Disrupt: not changing the channel to see different things, but changing the entire medium to see things differently. Talent: you need to find our own. Then give it away. The first is the meaning of life. The second is the purpose of life. Purpose: finding your frequency in the noise pollution that surrounds you and tuning into it (and make sure others love to hear it). Sustainable: making sure your clients stay loyal to you, because they believe in your purpose (see 6). And you really care not to leave too many footprints behind to keep Mother Nature a happy bunny too. Leadership at all levels: Becoming the captain of your own ship. Then sail. And admire the well-aligned fleet. The opposite of leadership afloat. To 'grannyproof' : the ability to explain your product or service in such simple words your granny understands. And so all the rest of us too. By the way this one I came up with. I googled it. Not yet so much buzz, so there you go. High-performance teams: Teams that have all of the above high on their agenda and execution lists. And make it work. Every single day. No exception.

What does your team look like? Did you grannyproof your product or service recently? What is the latest buzzword you like and will use next?

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