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Why speaking in public is a must have in the digital era –  3 minute read

Do you have a great idea and ready to tell the world? Do you think that social media is the only way to do this? Do you think you need to be Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Simon Sinek or any TED speaker to launch your big idea? You are wrong.

Our world needs your idea. And giving a face and a voice to this idea is even more paramount. I know you dread it, but no more excuses. Public speaking needs to be part of your top 5 competency list. There are no born presenters. Like any muscle, you need to train it. It hurts, but the results are very rewarding. Let me tell you my story.

The world needs you.

I want to raise people´s awareness on how to deal with the complex world we live in. At my age for example I´m trying hard to keep my digital competencies at satisfying levels (Trello-ing, Wetransferring and Slack-ing away as if my life depended on it) compared to the youngsters I´m working with. At the same time, I´m showing those same youngsters that they can see and hear the world without a tablet or headphone on to make real contact with people.

10% versus 10X

So how to get my idea across and make sure my yell in the jungle was heard? Social media is a great vehicle to do this. Yet, at the same time, as much as I wanted to, my posts and notifications did not get over and above double-digit numbers. Over time it grew a bit, like 10%. But I didn´t want the 10% change. That is what everybody else was already doing and even content with. I wanted something different. Something that made my heart race and have sweat running down my back. I wanted to reach a bigger audience. And I needed a different platform for that.

Find a platform – mine was Gallery Of Ideas

Becoming a TED speaker might be a formula 1 race my heart was not ready for yet. So a friend of mine took me to the Gallery Of Ideas and before I knew it I was on stage 2 months later. And absolutely loved it! The aim of Gallery Of Ideas is to bring creative people and curious minds all together, based on the principle of ´change how you see and see how you change´. Through co-creation in its purest form, their purpose is to connect, inspire and promote people and businesses. The idea is that people leave with new insights that inspire action, or they learn something new or see the world from a whole different perspective. This is what I learnt from my experience as a keynote speaker:

What you tell yourself is what you are (and your coach will confirm).

Although the OMG and WTF frequency steadily increased nearer the date of my presentation I told myself from the moment I applied to speak publicly, I could pull this off. The few moments of self-doubt were challenged by my coach Andrew Pitt. So I did pull it off. The law of attraction worked.

A brain freeze makes perfection melt.

And then it happened. Halfway through my speech I got distracted for a split second and lost my train of thought in front of my audience! What were a few seconds felt like hours but walking off stage was simply not an option. So I resumed my speech and made it right to the end! And it was fine. I am part of the human league, of flesh and blood I´m made.

Ten times bigger makes you ten times as feel gooood afterwards!

As one of my favourite coaches Rich Litvin says it: Life really can be exponential. You are far closer to everything you want than you could ever imagine. Miracles are far closer than you think. I could not agree more. The whole experience has been mind-blowing.

Before and after: from 2 to 4 digit numbers on social media (and still growing!).

It is a jungle out there but people tune in to your yell if you stand right in front of them. Get out there, get on stage and make your ideas heard! Also make sure they take excellent snaps of your snout. I could not thank Jordi Prunonosa enough for the great work he has done. My likes multiplied exponentially and much of this was because of the pics he shot of my performance.

Behind a great presenter there is ….

an even greater team of co-presenters and team of coaches that made sure the only light that really was shining on that very moment on stage was me! It is amazing what we humans are capable of pulling off together. Co-creation in its purest form. This is the only way to make change really, really happen. I would like to thank Patricia Curty, Andrew Pitt and Eric de Keizer of this great GOI team for providing me with this platform and experience and the presenters, all of whom I feel a great connect with from the bottom of my heart.

So…what is your big idea? What is your platform? What is your GOI? How big is your audience? What is your 10 times?

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