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  • Hugo Immink

Is your company ready for the fall? 1 minute read

Let´s do a little quiz here:

You know when summer (and holidays for most of us) are over when:

  1. you forgot how a pair of socks feel to your feet first time you put them on again

  2. you´re drowsily looking for your duvet to cover up in the middle of the night as the first chill of the night sends a sneaky shiver up your spine

  3. you look at your alarm clock and window 3 times because the sun is nowhere to be seen yet

  4. happy days in your company seem to be overshadowed by dark clouds gathering at a slow, but steady speed.

  5. all of the above.

To use the 4 seasons as a metaphor for change: to what extent is your company ready for the fall, depending how you define fall of course? Or is your company still hopelessly in love with summer?

As a company, to be interested in the changing seasons is a far better state of mind than to be infatuated with one or two seasons only. But not only that. Companies should anticipate and act upon the next season. Because the next season will come. No matter what. Be it growth or decline.

I believe in the four seasons. I believe that winter is cold and nasty. I also believe spring will always come with the promise of change and new growth.

Do you believe in the four seasons? And is your company well equipped for the one(s) to come?

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